Data Recovery Terms And Conditions

Mailing or checking the device in for recovery is an acceptance of these terms and conditions, of which a copy can be emailed, issued at the office, or referenced on the website.

The customer accepts that all data contained on any device for Data Recovery as lost before it arrives at Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. We are not responsible for any data loss, under any circumstances, whatsoever. Our acceptance of your digital storage media and your request for us to attempt the recovery is in no way a guarantee that we will successfully recover the data. All Data Recovery equipment and techniques used by Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. are to be considered as a last resort to recover the data.

Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. takes no responsibility for the condition of the digital storage media or other hardware sent to us for recovery. Our efforts may, in some cases, lead to further degradation of the media, failure of the media, loss of warranty, or other consequences. We also take no responsibility for media which is lost or damaged during shipping to – or from – our company. Any such claim is between the customer and the appropriate shipping vendor. While we endeavour to protect your device as much as possible, Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. takes no responsibility for media that is damaged, lost, or destroyed due to fire, theft, natural disaster or other similar occurrences at our location.

Upon receiving your device for recovery, we will evaluate and assess it.

When the assessment is completed, we will detail the amount of data we can recover (where possible) – or liaise with you for specific file recovery requirements – and seek your approval to continue.

Stage 1 Data Recovery

  • Logical recovery issues such as deleted files, lost data, corrupted partitions, file system corruption and formatted drives. Hardware recovery issues such as circuit board problems, bad sectors and mild firmware repairs – from £250

Stage 2 Data Recovery

  • Physical recovery issues typically involving clicking hard drives, head stack replacements, platter damage etc. Hardware issues involving complex firmware repairs and / or lots of bad sectors –  from £350

Stage 3 Data Recovery

  • This stage is exclusive to RAID Data Recovery cases and covers all RAID array issues from every manufacturer. All RAID cases are given priority status and immediately pushed to the front of the queue – from £450

Stage 4 Data Recovery

  • Special cases involving difficult drives in need of custom solutions or excessive cleanroom work to repair. Or cases where continual observation and / or excessive imaging time is needed. £POA
Once the data recovery requirements are agreed, all fees are payable in full before your recovered data gets transferred to new media. Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. will not examine the contents of any customer files unless specifically requested to do so. Furthermore, Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the contents, corruption, functionality, integrity or usefulness of any data recovered.

Should you choose to decline the data recovery after the evaluation stage, then your device will be returned to you. We are not responsible for any data or physical device deterioration that may occur during any recovery attempts.

We do not repair data storage equipment for later use; we do what is necessary to recover the data from the defective device and put it on a safe replacement. Thus, we are unable to return the original malfunctioning storage media – which has been through full data recovery work – due to the methods and techniques employed to recover the data.

Once the evaluation of the media or the recovery is complete, the customer will get contacted with the results via phone, SMS or email. Should the customer be unresponsive for more than 28 days from the booking-in date shown on our CRM ticketing system, the media and the data contained there in is considered abandoned. Any such abandoned media may be disposed of as Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. deems appropriate.

Data protection is taken very seriously by Dragon Data Recovery Ltd; all data is moved sight unseen using industry-standard hardware. We will never look through or distribute any of your data. Fourteen days after the collection or shipping of your job, the residual data relating to your recovery case will get destroyed, as will any remaining physical components.

If the customer is to supply Dragon Data Recovery Ltd. with the destination media for their recovered data to be transferred to, then it must meet our minimum criteria.

  • Be brand new and sealed in factory packaging.
  • Must utilise USB 3.0 connectivity (or newer).

Should the customers supplied destination media not meet our minimum criteria, then it will get rejected in favour of media that does.