Our primary goal here at Dragon Data Recovery, is to offer high-quality, affordable, professional data recovery services, to both commercial and domestic clients.

Stage 1 Data Recovery
Logical recovery issues such as deleted files, lost data, corrupted partitions, file system corruption and formatted drives.
Hardware recovery issues such as circuit board problems, bad sectors and mild firmware repairs.
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Stage 2 Data Recovery
Physical recovery issues typically involving clicking hard drives, head stack replacements, platter damage etc.
Hardware recovery issues involving complex firmware repairs and / or lots of bad sectors.
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Stage 3 Data Recovery
This stage is exclusive to RAID Data Recovery cases and covers all RAID array issues from every manufacturer.
All RAID cases are given priority status and immediately pushed to the front of the queue.
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Stage 4 Data Recovery
Special cases involving difficult drives that need custom solutions or in need of excessive cleanroom work.
Or cases where continual observation and / or inordinate imaging time is required.
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Prices displayed above are for single Hard Drives up to 2TB in size (except RAID).

Assessment Fees

If no data can be recovered there is nothing to pay.
We do not charge to assess unopened hard drives, and if you choose not to proceed with the recovery – for any reason – we will return your hard drive free of charge.


  • Return shipping fees apply for any device being sent outside mainland UK
  • Return shipping fees also apply for RAID / NAS / DVR’s & Computers where the recovery was declined

Opened Hard Drives

Should the lid of your Hard Drive have been opened – for any reason – we charge a £IOO assessment fee. This covers the cleanroom inspection and decontamination process and is an additional charge to the recovery fee. This fee must be paid in advance of sending the drive in to us and is non-refundable.

Please contact us first before sending in opened hard drives.

Formatted Hard Drives / Deleted Files

Due to the nature of a formatted hard drive / deleted files recovery, it can be difficult to locate the data that the customer needs. For this reason, we opt to recover everything we possibly can, in order to give the customer, the best chances possible in getting back what they need.


However, because formatted / deleted files may have been overwritten, we cannot guarantee which files will be recovered, or the functionality of them, we can only guarantee to recover all recoverable data.


In most cases, we recover enough functional customer data to warrant the expense of the recovery, however, you may end up paying for a recovery and not get back the exact files you need. This is a risk that you must accept if you wish to use this service.

Destination Media

If your data is 5 GB or less, we can provide a secure download link for you to access and download your data.
If your data is under 32 GB we supply a USB pendrive as part of the job.
If your data exceeds 32 GB in size, then an appropriately sized external hard drive can be supplied at a fair market price. If you would like to supply your own destination media, please refer to our terms and conditions for our minimum criteria.

Trade Pricing Available

Do you offer Data Recovery to your clients but need to outsource work beyond your capability, for example; cleanroom work ?

Then give us a call on 0151 342 8188 for more details on how we can help you.

Emergency Data Recovery

Need to jump the queue ?
Call us to discuss your case 0151 342 8188
(additional fees apply)

Data Recovery Process

  1. Contact Us either by phone, web chat, email or enquiry form to begin your case.
  2. Deliver in person or send in via mail (we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery).
  3. Please include your name, address, email, and contact phone number with your device.
  4. Once received, your job will be entered onto our interactive CRM system which will update you as we progress with your case.
  5. We will contact you once your drive has been assessed and confirm the data recovery costs and seek approval to continue.
  6. Once the job is completed, we will contact you to take the payment before the final processing of the data.
  7. We aim to process standard cases in 6-10 business days.
  8. Emergency Data Recovery is processed on a case by case basis.
  9. Once your case is completed, your data can either be collected from our office, or couriered to you via DHL or UPS free of charge (mainland UK only).

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Is there anything to pay if you can’t recover my data?

No, assessment is free with no obligation.

2. If you can’t recover my data or I choose not to proceed, do I get my hard drive back?

Yes, we return unrecovered hard drives free of charge (shipping fees apply outside mainland UK).

3. How will my data be returned to me if successfully recovered?

We include a 32GB pendrive as part of the job, if your data is larger than 32GB then we can supply suitable media as required.

4. I’m worried about my data getting lost and its security, can I deliver my hard drive in person?

Yes, give us a call and we will organise an appointment. We also offer door-to-door courier services and can accommode other delivery methods such as taxi’s too. See our Contact us page for more details. Sending via one of our secure methods also keeps you informed in real-time for your peace of mind.

5. My Data is confidential and very private, do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do, data protection is taken very seriously by our company


If you have questions or would like to speak with a data recovery professional click here.

About us

The concept of Dragon Data Recovery is to offer professional and affordable Data Recovery Services, to both commercial and domestic clients.